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Ad targeting being our strongest suit, helps us target relevant people who are willing to buy. It also helps us target those who engage and are genuinely interested in the products and services our clients sell. When working under social media marketing, we make sure that the followers we gain are active and result in profitable outputs. Whether organic or paid, the attention we gain through our social media posts and ads ends up making sales, thus helping in achieving company’s profit goals.

Wolters Kluwer is an information services company that provides health, finance, taxing, legal and compliance solutions. Since providing solutions in an end-to-end digital environment, Wolters Kluwer required a trustworthy online brand image.


Wolters Kuver came to Rock My Sales with very little social media following and presence.

We helped Wolters Kluwer target relevant people with appropriate backgrounds and through engaging posts and social media content. Medical practitioners, specifically students and practicing doctors were gained and targeted for social media following. Multiple brand activation campaigns were conducted and many student ambassadors from various medical colleges promoted Wolters Kluwer. Various medical quizzes were organised by targeting an extremely precise audience, and hence received an amazing response resulting in a nice engagement rate on the social media pages, specifically Facebook. This engagement and participation further helped us in selling key and important titles during important events like medical entrance exams namely NEET and JIPMER.


  • To increase brand awareness among prospective buyers.

  • To increase visitors on the company website.

  • Delve into deep analysis of metrics and data to earmark high performing audiences and new potential audiences and expanding brand reach.

  • To improve brand image, awareness and overall trust for better participation and engagement.

  • To improve social media presence and follower engagement.


  • A better understanding of the audience and required targeting helped gain over 3 lakh relevant followers in a period of 2 years.

  • All such followers were high in engagement and helped create leads by high participation in activities like quizzes.


Social media marketing-Facebook and Instagram

Influencer Marketing

PPC advertisement

Marketing automation

Email marketing

SMS marketing

Content marketing

Video Marketing


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