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Increasing your reach, our goal remains to reduce your investment costs as much as possible. With appropriate targeting and in-depth market analysis, we specialize in quick and positive outcomes of our marketing and advertising activities. Each campaign we design is customized as per audience interests and business needs. To start, every campaign is targeted differently with different creatives and experimented based on response. The best ones are chosen to continue for best results, i.e., more leads and less investment. Specializing in Google AdWords and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Marketing, we work on choosing the best and most active platforms based on prospective customer’s behavior, post market research.

Taylor & Francis is an international publishing company that publishes academic journals and books. With offices around the world, they provide research papers and books both online and offline. With a wide range of data, they have an extensively broad market and publish information for all academic levels and for a wide range of subjects.


Taylor & Francis came to Rock My Sales with limited online visibility and required creation of an online brand image in order to attract readers and authors. Building trust through online appearance was required. This was done by us through online ads, on both social media and search engines. Hence, providing the company with social media marketing and search engine marketing.


  • To increase brand awareness among readers, students, teachers, and authors.

  • To increase visitors on the company website.

  • To make customers aware of the range of study materials available.

  • To churn out unique customer life cycles and carry forward behavioral segmentation and dissemination of brand messages.

  • Delve into deep analysis of metrics and data to earmark high performing audiences and new potential audiences and expanding brand reach.

  • To improve brand image, awareness and overall trust for better readership.

  • To create interest in order to attract authors to publish through Taylor & Francis and eventually call it a public research portal.


An overall performance matrix summed up the quality of our work, that included targeting, market and competitor analysis and designing. This can be seen in the numbers below:

  • The traffic generated on the website post a year was 109,928.

  • Total impressions made through social media and search engine ads crossed 5 Million.

  • Cost Per Click was less than 0.03 USD.


Social media marketing-Facebook and Instagram

Influencer Marketing

PPC advertisement

Marketing automation

Email marketing

SMS marketing

Content marketing

Video Marketing


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