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Social Media Marketing


Connect with your audience to build an online reputation, increase your sales and retain existing customers. Social media can be stated as the most effective and quickest way to reach your potential customers directly and convey a message. People are already interacting with their favorite brands on platforms like Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We assist you in reaching your fans and creating new fans for your brand through social media marketing by creating and designing attractive and relevant content to the correctly targeted audience.

We work on the following platforms:

  1. Facebook

  2. Instagram

  3. Twitter

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Snapchat

  6. Pinterest


Content Marketing

Value, relevance, and consistency form an essential part of every marketing strategy. In order to make sure your brand connects with your audience, it is important to have content that attracts them. This needs to be done in a way so the content also informs about the uniqueness and benefits of your products or services. We provide you with content marketing services that boost your sales, as we make your content full of information, and yet make it look beautiful. We reach the write people, in the write way, and the right times. We create and retain your customers.

We help you market content through Social Media & Blogging.


Paid Search

Also known as “Pay per click” or “Search Engine Marketing”, paid marketing is advertising on other platforms like search engines or partner sites. We guide and assist you in the whole process beginning from campaign planning, customized as per need and audience, the platforms to choose, the budget to lead conversions and closures. Keeping your ads specific, useful and attractive, all at the same time, we make sure you get the best return on your investment.

We create paid search campaigns for Google & Bing.


Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your brand for search engines so it appears on the first page. Organic marketing by search engine optimization, although time and energy consuming, is the most effective way to get better quality and quantity of traffic on your website. Keeping the title tags and meta descriptions of appropriate lengths, we specialize in creating relevant and informative content. We put in all the time and energy so you get the best out of what you invest in.


Media Planning & Buying

Print. Radio. Search engine. Social media. Today, so many marketing platforms exist. Some are for organic growth or online presence, while some are paid. Our team experts help you recognise the most relevant platforms and ways to market your product. Helping you plan campaigns and strategies, we focus on reducing your investment costs, while increasing your reach towards a potential audience. We advise you about what to buy and what not to buy, when it comes to marketing your product and planning campaigns.


Marketing Automation

By automating your marketing activities, we aim to provide you with the most personalized experience. Instead of concentrating on short term solutions, we suggest automating systems in a way that it provides your brand with long term business focused benefits. Apart from easing out repetitive everyday tasks, marketing automation plays a very important role in the conversion and closure process during a lead conversion.


WhatsApp Marketing

Today, the latest way discovered as a marketing platform to reach out to your customers would be WhatsApp. With a message open rate of 98%, and more active users compared to Instagram or LinkedIn, WhatsApp wins the race in both reach and personalization opportunities, for best relationship marketing and digitalization of your business. Even more personal than email marketing, WhatsApp provides a platform for your brand to reach relevant people. Getting added to your customer’s contact list can be difficult. Since they understand, they give you a right to reach them directly, we make sure that they are happy with the quality and type content they receive and when they receive it.


Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to personally reach out to your customers is email marketing. Even with an average open rate of 30%, email marketing can give wonderful results by providing quality leads. Whether it is about converting a prospective customer into a buyer, or a one-time buyer to a long-term fan, email marketing works best for both. We help you deliver quality content, so customers emotionally connect with your brand. We do a personalized analysis on the time of email delivery and the content requirements for maximum open-rates. In order to expand your reach, we also expand your email list with prospective customers, so you sell more by reaching out to the right people.



Customer service forms an essential part of your marketing strategy. For, it is important to make sure that you take the customer to the right place as per his/ her requirements once they reach your door. However, it becomes difficult to attend to each customer personally as the business grows. Chatbots help you provide your visitors with a happy and personalized experience by conducting an on-line chat conversation. We help you get chatbots to save you money to hire several customer service representatives and save you energy to deal with people yourself, still increasing your sales.


SMS Marketing

You could think who reads messages in a time so digitally ahead. But trust us, when you do it right, you reach the most responsive people. On an average, people check their phones 85 times a day. With an open rate of 82%, the right content can compel your customers to buy more from you. By far, the best medium for maximum engagement rates, phone messages are also trackable. So you can check who opened your messages and then edit your lists accordingly. A small message with a quick link can give on spot sale results. We at Rock My Sales, help you create your receivers’ list, type the right message and therefore, attract the right people who will buy from you.


PPC Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click ads are google ads that appear next to the search results. Unlike SEO, that gets your ranking on top of the list, PPC helps you target people with similar interests most likely to buy your product through paid ads. PPC not just appears on search pages, but also on website pages that allow ads. Usually providing best results when synced with your SEO strategy, PPC is a highly responsive medium to reach out to your prospective customers and expand your market.

We do Pay Per Click Advertising under:

  1. Google

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. Twitter

  5. Bing

  6. LinkedIn

  7. Snapchat

  8. Spotify

  9. Native Marketing


Analytics & Monitoring

We evaluate as we work. Marketing analytics helps you analyze marketing performance by comparing past and present results. It includes the count of people visiting a page or post, leads generated, conversions made, sales made. In order to improve processes, different platform performances are compared to implement better strategies as per output. Analytics can also help compare one’s brand performance with its competitors. We help analyze your marketing performance to make appropriate changes for better overall performance, both online and offline, thus reducing overall costs and increasing reach.

We help you analyze and monitor your performance by analyzing Customer real-time website experience, and website’s incoming traffic

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