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2000+ LEADS

Based on customer behavior and locality, we choose from the best audience targeting options. Be it through gender, age, or area, we target so you get the best results. Through geo-targeting also known as local PPC, we target people in specific regions in an area. In order to find relevant areas from specific local businesses, we conduct a competitor analysis and regional research, hence providing highly customized services.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an international school founded in Singapore, with branches in different countries including India. With one of its campuses in Noida, the school required and was provided with online marketing services by Rock My Sales.


GIIS came to us with a new campus in place and a requirement of reaching local public for admissions. We helped them by doing an extensive competitive analysis and market research, and further geo-targeting for them. The ads were targeted in particular areas in Noida, where the competitors had visiting customers. Thus, providing them with an extremely narrow target market.


  • To increase brand awareness among local residents.

  • To increase visitors on the school’s website.

  • To make customers aware of the school’s presence.

  • Delve into deep analysis of metrics and data to earmark high performing audiences and new potential audiences by concentrating and targeting competitor’s market.

  • To improve brand image and awareness.

  • To increase admission rate.


With geo-targeting and specifying research based audiences and ad creatives, we achieved the following over a year:

  • Total leads generated were over 2000.

  • 2 Million+ impressions were generated with social media and search engine marketing.


Social media marketing-Facebook and Instagram

Influencer Marketing

PPC advertisement

Marketing automation

Email marketing

SMS marketing

Content marketing

Video Marketing


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