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We not only concentrate on increasing our client’s reach, but also work on ways to minimize investment costs in marketing. While helping digitalization, we also recognise the relevant markets through extensive research and reach the right people. With less arrows, we target the market more accurately, thus hitting the bull’s eye. Our marketing campaign ideas are customized as per market interests and we design campaigns and creatives keeping in mind the brand image, as well as behavioral aspects of the prospective customers.

Campus France, one of our many international clients, and is a national agency in charge of promoting French higher education abroad, managing scholarships from French and foreign governments, and welcoming international students. Campus France is placed under the joint supervision of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.


Campus France visited Rock My Sales with a mandate to boost the number of visitors on their website and improve online presence. Even though their reach was good, the institution felt that there was a wider expanse of audience that was untapped and could be touched with proper outreach. Hence, we worked upon researching the relevant audience. New marketing campaigns were created and experimented for best results. A detailed audience analysis was done in order to make Campus France stand, attract and connect with relevant people. 

In the pandemic times, to ensure contact less university student interaction ‘Choose France Virtual tour was created that served as the medium to connect with French university representatives with Indian Students. This made the admissions process swift and Campus France ready in the “new normal” era. 


  • To increasing website visitors

  • To increase offline event participation by targeting and retargeting relevant audiences.

  • Decrease cost per lead post research on behavioral aspects of targeted market segment.

  • Stand out from competitors by creation of unique designs and setting an online theme for social media pages.

  • Improve ads and social media appearance & reputation.

  • Target relevant audience based on in-depth analysis and research of the business and the market segment, including competitor analysis.


  • Better ad content and creatives were made to engage more relevant audiences. The reach quality was improved with a visible increase in engagement rate on social media.

  • 100% target delivery for the session

  • 30% reduction in Cost per Lead

  • Two times lead generation by Rock My Sales compared to other marketing platforms.


Social media marketing-Facebook and Instagram

Influencer Marketing

PPC advertisement

Marketing automation

Email marketing

SMS marketing

Content marketing

Video Marketing


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